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Elang Nusa Utama (ENU) has been servicing Information Technology  solutions for 4 over years. ENU has been consistently providing branded and Asian’s made computer and telecommunication equipment, package software and tailor-made applications, consultancy services, and outsourcing and off-shoring services.

Today, ENU accelerates its exponential growth through leveraging the uniqueness of Asia, in term of both market and services. ENU provides you not only with high-quality International and Asian insight services.

Moving forward, ENU present services with the support of our experts in their fields to plan design, develop, implement and secure the Information Technology suitable to you needs.

Our Team

Our Team consists of highly experienced and internationally certified specialists in consulting, developing, executing, training, and auditing various valuable services for wide-range clients in diverse businesses local and international. 

They work across a number of industries including startups, fintech, commerce, banking, energy, plantation, farming, property, travel, beauty, sports, arts, finance and the government sector.

Our approach includes providing a detailed analysis of the project being assigned through research, determining clear objectives and providing strategies which evaluate relevant options of solution.

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Do you need further information?  

We are ready to help you. Please contact us through phone, email or Our Social Media channel. 

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