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Three  major areas are provided by ENU :

Consultancy, Training & Audit  Services provides end-to-end Information Technology solutions, such as Operational assessment, IT Blueprint, IT Project Management, Application Deployment, Information Security Training & Consultation, IT & Security Audit, ISO/IEC 27001 implementation/ certification, and outsourcing/offshoring our experts around Indonesia.

Value-Added Reseller of branded and freshly-developed on cloud and on-premise ISO management series, PCI DSS, Privacy and GDPR compliance software.


Manage Services has wide range of services, from data entry and document scanning services, seat management for end-user computer and full plague management of your day-to-day ICT Operations and Web based and Mobile Application such as  Android & IoS  Technology Management

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We are ready to help you. Please contact us through phone, email or Our Social Media channel. 

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